2022B semester call for proposals to observe with the Nancay Radio Telescope

2022B semester call for proposals to observe with the Nancay Radio Telescope. The submission deadline is: 13 May 2022.
The Nancay Radio Telescope (NRT, France) is a high sensitivity (1.4 K/Jy at 21cm) meridian telescope (the tracking duration is 1 hour, and varies approximately as 1/cos(DEC) ) with full polarization capability in the frequency range from 1.1 GHz to 3.5 GHz. The declination limit is > -39 deg. It is operated by the Observatoire de Paris, the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique and also funded by the Region Centre-Val de Loire. 
The NRT proposal call is open to the international community. 
The Key Project (KP) status is intended for applications requesting large amounts of telescope time (> 1000 hours for 2 years) or for long term monitoring programmes. This status is granted for two years, and up to 70% of the available observing time is devoted to KPs. 
Key Projects and standard proposals are evaluated by the Programme Committee. 
Main criteria used for evaluation and rating:
– scientific context and interest,
– the technical and time justifications,
– a publication plan, if there is any,
– the strength and quality of the team.
Observations and data processing can be done remotely. It is of course possible to observe and process the data from Nancay. 
The Meudon, Orleans and Nancay scientific and technical staff provide support for proposal preparation, observing, and data processing if requested. 
Forms and explanations:
Proposals are to be sent to: lucas.guillemot at cnrs-orleans.fr .
Ismael Cognard     icognard at cnrs-orleans.fr    (NRT scientific head, pulsars)
Jean-Michel Martin jean-michel.martin at obspm.fr (galaxies)
Lucas Guillemot, on behalf of the NRT Programme Committee